I nnovation and customisation are the keys to success. At DI Telecommunications where every item manufactured is required to not only meet client specifications, but also pass the strictest quality control test carried out in-house commitment to timeliness completes the trilogy of success.

The vast range of products currently being manufactured at our Sheet Metal Fabrication unit are the result of latest technology, sophisticated machinery and skilled manpower. Our Frames and Enclosures enjoy the highest standards in quality, compatibility, adaptability and cost-effectiveness all backed by thorough technical support. No wonder our list of satisfied clients keeps increasing.

We are proud to present our diversified range as follows :


  • Contemporary Cross-Connect points for 2Mb and Higher Order Tributaries. ie 8/34/140 Mb, the frames are available in 120 ohm and 75 ohm configurations.

  • DDF frames provide flexibility of Transportation, Cross-connection, Isolation and Testing of Tributaries.
  • Rugged construction, field provenness and modular design make the system a reliable and cost-effective substitute for imported equipment.
  • The product is Type Approved by the TEC and finds application in a variety of services like cellular networks, switching networks, radio and PDH/SDH environments.


  • These are state-of-art interconnection equipment of fibre Thru FC/PC-FC/PC.
  • A modular increment of 12 fibres, Fibre Distribution Frames can be mounted on standard slim racks.
  • Also available in 19" rack version, using TEC approved adapters.
  • FC-PC patch cord and pigtails also available.
  • Highly recommended and reliable, the system is installed and backed by expert installation teams.


  • Provides central monitoring and control with audio/visual indications.
  • Expandable upto 40 points with 5 point plug-in cards.
  • Easy installation as the system can be mounted on the wall as 19" racks.
  • RE-set facility for audio alarm. Unerring visual alarm offers comprehensive Fault Status at all times.
  • Saves physical movements of maintenance staff .
  • Low power consumption.
  • Large Installation base. All I-Net Nodes, DOT station.


  • Perfect and custom-built standardised 19" racks.
  • Fabrication of Slim Racks and Bays undertaken.
  • Customised designs also executed at own manufacturing unit.
  • Both Powder Coated and stoving Paint Finishes available.



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